König der Löwen 3 - Musik Lyric

"That's All I Need"

Musik von: Elton John
Lyrik von: Time Rice
Gesungen von: Nathan Lane


There's more to life than panic
And bein' some other guy's snack.. euugh.

I may be delicious, organic
But this little entree's fightin' back!
I'm gonna put diggin' tunnels behind me
And live at a new altitude

I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me
That meerkats are not merely food!
For once I'll be...
Lookin' out for me... yeah!

I'll tell you what I want
This cat is movin' on
He's a bon vivant
Who's missin' out on bon

I'd be a bigger cheese
Far from the desert scene
A little cooling breeze
A little patch of green!

And I'll be snoozin' in my hammock by a rippling stream
Many miles from any tunnel and the digging team
Looking after number one will be my only creed
That's all I need! That's all I need!

I've always been good at runnin' away
Well, now I'm gonna run the show-ow
I've always been seen as the ultimate prey
But now my status ain't so quo!

A dream sublime...
It's hyena tiiime... oh!

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