I define the following "rules", when I start to write this site for not beeing confused while desgning, preventing mistakes and for my interrets for a readable and good source code. Furthermore I want to present the tools and reasons why I use this for programming. At the end I philosophy a bit more general about Software, Open Source and projects I want to recommend. If you have no interesting in it, than please ignore this site for now. For me it's only something like a "mnemonic".

Policy for this Webpage

  1. The first point is more one of preferences. I only use xhtml for this site, because it is logical instead of html. The main sense of xhtml is that every tag has to be closed. More informations look here.
  2. I'm always concerned about the support of all browsers. Yes especially the text-browsers like "Links" or "Lynx". Therefore I make no use of Java Script, which doesn't support all browsers, e.g. most of the text-browers.
  3. This nicely leads over to next point, which includes: Only validated code are used for this webpage. Regardless of wich, xhtml or CSS!
    I try to maintain the standard of the w3c.org. This indicates the button right at the end of this site. One for the xhtmal and for CSS.
  4. Furthermore I use no Flash, Java applets etc. what is easy to understand, because it conflicts obvisously against the second point.
    You are right if you say that a couple of browser didn't even support pictures, but they are one of the most mediums of information, beside the text. So it has somewhere to stop.
  5. No tables for the layout: I decide not to use tables for designing this side, because this produce an unreadable source code, althouh you can make pleasing pages with it.
  6. Instead I build up my site upon CSS, which is more easy to read and - this is the important part - much more easy to make design changes, if nessecary.


The following Tools are used for designing this page:

Wisdoms about Software

First of all, I mostly use software from open source projects. Why? That's a question of personaly atittiude twoards behaviments of the big software players in the world. I didn't like their way of making money with ideas, who was stolen from other projects and their protection arrangements to defend their monopolist state.
Well, what do I use instead? I tried many operating systems among many Linux distributions, Mac Os X, Be/Os...etc. But today I only use FreeBSD for the productive employment. I really appreciate the high security and reliaby construction. Now I will discuss a few BSD devirates:

This is my desktop operating system, because it has a lot of software and an easy way to install them, called "ports". Furthermore I like the way they arranged and ordered the config files and, of course the stability.

This projects is dedicated to make high security operating system (os). This Project make also the Remote shell ssh. Personaly I use this os as firewall, proxy and gateway, where it makes a very good job.

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