10.30.2013 Server Change

Once again the website moved to a new server. Hopefully it will run like the old server the next 3 years without incidents. In addition I added a few more pictures and put in a fancy valid CSS 3.0 shadow.

04.24.2012 Improvements

Added a little hack, so users will be redirected to English, respectively German sites if they are not available in their chosen language. With a hint of course. Moreover, I added a new item in category "Misc" about the pictures I've done at Zoos and various locations. Also, I'm planing some update of the TLK part.

11.03.2010 Basic changes

Today I made some changes to the core of this website. There should be no visible changes, except some improvements. e.g. the navigation shouldn't always jump to the start site. If you encounter any problems, please write me an e-mail. :)

06.23.2010 Style and news

I change the style once more to get rid of this strange clouds whatsoever background and I added some more news to the site. If you experience trouble with the new style please contact me. ;)

09.15.2009 Chronicle

Added some more to the chronicle and a new gallery section for "white lions".

06.27.2009 The Lion King scripts

Change all the Lion King scripts, and refers to the proper scripts on another website. Plus make some adjustments on the start page.

06.19.2009 The Lion King Chronicle

Today I added a new Section under "The Lion King". A Chronicle, where I want to gather the dates and events considered with TLK. If you have any stuff, that must be in there, feel free to write me a mail.

06.15.2009 Gallery Update

Added some screen grabs from the SNES Version of The Lion King Game

06.01.2009 Gallery Update

I add some zoo pictures to the gallery and fixed some small bugs.

05.03.2008 Gallery and FAQ

Today I add a gallery script to the homepage, which has, for the moment, only the basic 'official' Lion King screenshots, but in the next few days I will add more. This is for testing purpose.
Further I extended the FAQ section for a category with questions, where to find Lion King communities.

04.16.2008 Server change

The website has changed to a new server running FreeBSD. :)

11.28.2007 Some design changes

After a quit long time, I do some design changes to the page and I hope you like the new one. The site is just more scaleable and has some new fonts, who, I hope, look better than the old ones.
If you have trouble or problems displaying the new design on your browser, than please feel free to contact me. ;-)

02.10.2007 Added German Translation of the Biography of Whoopi Goldberg

Today I added the German Translation of the Biography of Whoopi Goldberg and I do some fixes on the script. If you find any errors or something then please let me know.

09.02.2006 German Translation of Artist and Performer 2

The following Biographies in "Artist and Performer" I added today:
- Rowan Atkinson
- Robert Guillaume

09.01.2006 German Translation of Artist and Performer

The following Biographies in "Artist and Performer" I added today:
- Ernie Sabella
- Jeremy Irons

08.09.2006 Added Policy

Today I added the Policy for this website. You can found it besides "Disclaimer" and "Imprint".

05.14.2006 Some Updates

I have load up some updates and script improvements, but I guess you won't see much of it.
And I have validated the source code.

01.04.2006 Happy New Year

I wish you a Happy New Year.
And I've,as announced, an own corner at "The Savannah", where you can post your criticism and suggestions. Special thanks to Kirauni for this possibility. :)

11.20.2005 Forum

I've decided not to spend the page an own forum. For reasons click the link down there. But I recommend to take a look at the Savannah.
Have fun there ;)

08.20.2005 Change of the menu structure

I know the last update was a long time ago, but I don't have enough time to update the site regularly. I have made a little change of the menu structure, because I think it would be necessary to add new stuff, that I'm planing now to do.
I add a new category "Misc" and move "Theme" into the subcategory.

01.20.2005 News update and happy new year

The news are now up to date.
And I wish you a Happy New Year. Late but ... you know :)

12.09.2004 Theme - Hakuna Matata

The section "Theme" (I don't know how to call this) has its first entry: A special about Hakuna Matata, which tells the story and the foundation of Timon and Pumbaa. At the moment it include only the information of the first film, but I planed to add more.
Now I'm thinking about to add more "themes" like Can You Feel The Love Tonight are short everything that is wonderful and new idea of the films. If you have suggestions than please mail me to: s-tlk[at]lionking[dot]org.

11.22.2004 Artist and Performer added

The Artist and Performer section is a collection of usefull informations about the artist and those who work on the Lion King.

11.21.2004 FAQ online

Like the title says the FAQ are up, but there are only the common. Some special questions I will add as soon as possible.

11.18.2004 Simba - The Lion King's Homepage Online at lionking.org/~s-tk/

Hallo and welcome to my homepage about The Lion King. Unfortunately this site is only a preview of what I planed to do.
The fowlling pages are under construction: FAQ, Downloads, Theme, Fanart, Forum, Links and under characters Kiara, Kovu, Zira,Nuka.