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This is a small page from and for Lion King fans. I hope you enjoy your stay here and find some useful informations about the Lion King. If you have any suggestions please tell me this by email or take a look in the Forum.

I was asked for some time now, why I build this site. Well, I'm a fan of The Lion King since I saw it in cinema back in 1994. It impressed me so much, that I start collecting information about it and discover lots of helpful advices in the movie itself and I want to give something back. So, I start collecting these information on a website. In addition, this site is some kind of monument in tribute to the film. Although I have a lot of information, it is difficult and much time consuming to clear these up and put it on the website. In other words, please note: This site is still under construction, but I think the main problems are solved. Although I have a lot of stuff to add. But this will come from time to time, please be patient and come back regularly. :)

Lastest News: 23.11.2018 - The Lion King (2019) Teaser

The new The Lion King (2019) is now online... read more

Server Change and Progress

A new media page has been added here containing information about the different TLK media out there. In the hopefully near future I will add a more detailed list of the CDs in the music section.
Recently I also added a new subsection with pictures from zoos and different places all over the world. You find it here, also with some other informations on my trips.
I change the style once more to get rid of this strange clouds whatsoever background and I added some more news to the site. If you experience trouble with the new style please contact me.
The website moved to a new server. Hopefully it will run as stable as the old one. But I'm sure it will, cause it runs FreeBSD as Operating System. :)

At the moment the following sections are under construction:

If you want to have a look on the Revisions of the past few month visit the Revision page
Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and make yourself at home. :)